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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh How I Adore Vintage Earrings.

New vintage earring stock in the Ginger and Tonic Etsy Boutique.  Maybe a little vintage holiday BLING will help make your season a bit more bright and sparkly!
Its not to late to ask Santa.  XOXO

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vignettes Open House

We are bringing in lots of new Ginger and Tonic Feather Fascinator Hair Clips with vintage jewelry detailing, tons of vintage button rings, jeweled hair accessories, cuff bracelets and all of  our holiday bling for this special event.

Thursday, December 8th
3 - 8 pm
VIGNETTES is located in Ocean Beach, CA
4828 Newport Ave., San Diego, CA 92107.

 Stop by this darling little treasure of a shop in OB.  It has local artists, antiques, refurbished vintage pieces, and more.  If you love CoCo, Paris Apartment, Feathers and Rhinestones, Vintage Jewelry, Vintage Treasures, and just plain exquisite hand crafts you will love Vignettes!  The Open House events are always filled with fun, bubbles, pastries, and fabulousness.

Visit Vignettes on Facebook. 
Visit their website at:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wine + O = the complete gift . its wineocard™ time!

As the holidays approach and we all get out and socialize, don't forget to spread the seasonal love with a bottle of vino and a fun and easy way to take credit for bringing it.  These wine cards have style for miles and are made by an amazingly talented friend of mine. :)  I love the wineocards™!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

50 Ways to Get Yourself Tied...Oh I mean....50 Ways to Tie a Scarf.

Back in the late 80's I worked the accessory counter at what at the time was the "dream of all dreams" retail department store.  We were required to wear a scarf EVERYDAYThey didnt seem to care how we wore it or where we wore it...just that we had one on and that the drop of a hat, we could demonstrate for the "scarf and accessory challenged" at least 50 Ways to Tie a Scarf.  We had a book we sold to them for $1.00 in case they needed guidance or ideas in the future. a result, I developed a passion for scarves.  

Scarves are glamorous.

These days, scarves can be found for a steal at yard sales, thrift shops, flea markets.  Some people bring trucks of them to sell.  Real treasures.  I just have them dry cleaned or hand wash and hang dry then lightly iron and you are good to go!

In case you need to be inspired or in place of the book I could have sold you in 1988, here are ideas from some of the beautiful starlets who have "style for miles" and know how to make a woman in a scarf look mysterious, sexy, darling, and daring.

Look for scarves to hit the shop at Ginger and Tonic Vintage very soon. 
Ive got loads of beauties for you! XOXO


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I want to spend a weekend in Havana

I actually really want to spend more than a weekend AND they were advertising that you could "Sail Away to Romance".     
No brainer...Im on board. XOXO

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Speedracer: Trixie's demon on wheels.

Keeping the theme I have going with cars and dreamy vintage superheros, we have the perfect combination of speed, class, and DANGER in Speedracer.  Although at times, he was a little bossy...I have to say...shouting his demands at the reliable and "always there for him" Trixie PLUS making her run all the time!

BUT, regardless...I always had a crush on Speedracer. It seemed quite suiting that during my Manic Panicked "WildFire"  dyed to the max red bob hair days I was nicknamed Trixie.

I think there is a little Trixie in all of us.  
Brave, Loyal, and really hot looking in a helmet.

I will always love the music, animation, outfits, cars and gadgets in Speedracer.  If you havent watched some of the vintage Speedracer out there.    XOXO